A seed will grow where it’s planted

September 8, 2015

My seven year old daughter and three year old son had an interesting exchange last week. Brianna is pensive, empathetic and nurturing. Blake affectionally known as Bam Bam, is inquisitive, agile, and skilled at ignoring ALL while being tremendously sweet and lovable. He also finds unique pleasure in riling his sister up.
Brianna was monitoring a science project for several days. Basic materials – potted plant, seed and soil. That evening Blake’s motives were no different. He picked up the plant from the window sill and proceeded to dig up the soil with his crayon, calmly placed it back down and waited for his sister’s reactions. He didn’t have to wait long, she immediately became irritated and annoyed “Look what you did to my plant, now it will never grow – you ruined it”. Blake unphased by her shrieking left the kitchen.
Watching their interaction I immediately thought of this message to you – When the waves of life come we think things will never get back on track. We think we can’t recover. We think our current state is predictive of our future. But a rooted seed CAN and WILL grow despite its current environment. Hold on…stay rooted…. Weather your storm, plant your feet. I’ll see you on the other side of your victory. Peering out the window this morning, looking at the sunshine I looked down at the plant, 4 bulbs started rising from the soil.

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