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Seasons Of Our Lives

December 14, 2016



Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

Hi BOF Friend!! I’m checking in and hoping you’re doing great!!

God has been dealing with me pertaining to seasons and I had to jump on and share with you. May this bless you as it has blessed me.

I learned and mastered seasons while in preschool (or at least I thought). It truly has taken all of 2016 for me to master the adult version of seasons. And I’m still a work in progress.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter has been our base model. Well for the sake of this lesson let’s erase everything we know about the natural progression of seasons during the year.

Teaching moment:
My greatest lesson for 2016 is that our assignments and purpose in life are facilitated in seasons. This means the relationships we encounter along our journey which aide in our self-discovery are also seasonal.
I can almost picture God becoming perturbed when he places us on assignment, and instead of us completing the mission, we settle in our comfort zones and switch up the time stamp. Two months turns into 1 year. Six months turns into 5 years. We stay longer than we were intended to and we potentially forfeit the original intention of entering that season.

When we don’t master the assignment or lesson of the season, the universe will present it continuously, until we can pass “go”. This may manifest in your year having 3 fall seasons and maybe 1 summer. Or maybe you’re having the coldest winter ever!

My goal is not to maximize MY comfortable. I yearn to operate in an area of discernment where I’m focusing on enhancing the quality of the relationship, instead of putting my feet up, grabbing some coffee, unpacking my suitcase and not focusing on the mission.

Assignment Time:
Assess your relationships; do you know the assignment you’re on? If God spoke to you today and said that assignment is complete, have you completed the mission?
I see you, like me have work to do!

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Bits Of Faith

Keep IT…

November 19, 2015


Keep It Moving

Keep It Moving

During my morning commute in NYC my preference is to always wait for an empty train so I can snooze a bit, prepare my inspirational quotes or just opt for brainless activity. If my morning hustle to get the kids off to school best described as an extreme obstacle course is any indication of my upcoming workday – I need to decompress during my commute.
Well yesterday, I was inspired to write this post as my normal train wasn’t in the station when I arrived. However running parallel was another train line that could get me where I was going just the same. I hesitated slightly to get on the train only because I would be breaking my normal routine but I thought “Keep Moving”. This might be a slight detour on the destination but my arrival point will be the same.

Life is bound to throw you curve balls, place stumbling blocks in your path of attainment. Reposition those goals, initially in reach, but are now out of arms length. Life will require you to be obedient and STRETCH! NO matter the circumstances promise yourself you will keep moving. On your journey don’t park the car, when things are moving at a rapid, uncontrollable pace…don’t stay idle. Keep moving, keep pushing through to your victory. You have to! You need to! Reassess, refocus, realign and even reprioritize your priorities. If you knew yesterday what you know today, you would have chosen differently. Well take what you’ve discovered today and allow God to use this setback to fuel your breakthrough.

There’s a simple fact I’ve learned about life through my personal experiences and bearing witness to the journey of others. Fact 101 – when you’re the closest to realizing your goal, things begin to shift and setbacks may be common. Even during the course of preparing Bits Of Faith to the world, I experienced a setback. As a natural problem solver, it’s paralyzing when circumstances are beyond your control. However I willed myself to Keep Moving.
Don’t sit with it…Release it…you’re a conqueror born to win!!!! Your potential is exhilarating. Your breakthrough is at your fingertips.
I took the train and ended up arriving to work 10mins earlier. You never know what awaits you when you stay committed to Keep Moving!

Bits Of Faith
Nichole Bailey

Women’s Empowerment Conference

September 14, 2015



I imagine a world where ALL women will walk in their Power, Victory and Light” – Nichole Bailey

Bits Of Faith in partnership with Bottomless Closet presents ‘My Sister’s Keeper – Women Empowerement Conference 2015.

Join us for an exhilirating afternoon of encouragement, motivation, inspiration and networking. As we close out 2015, our goal is for our women to finish strong and replenish for 2016.

To support the women of Bottomless Closet NYC please bring gently used work attire or accessories.

****For sponsorship or vendor packages contact

We look forward to seeing you!!!!!