The Voice Behind Bits of Faith


Thank you for being courageous enough to take the first step in thinking differently about your circumstance.  Life is all about perception.  Wherever life has led you up until this point you made it here.  You may have fallen off your game, detoured, lost control, experienced heartache, tragedy or illness.  You may be feeling disqualified from the journey of life, OR you may just need to refuel as you propel toward your destiny.  From this point on, my goal is to keep you inspired and motivated.

Thoreau says “The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers.”  In essence he is telling us to face our challenges and not hide from them.  Resistance in life builds character, makes you nimble and helps you to become a courageous warrior.  Without a test, what would be the basis of your testimony? Life is about transitions, defined by “highs” or “lows”.  It’s how you navigate and react to these moments, when life is really challenging your patience and peace – that are most defining.

Bits of Faith is a place where I will speak encouragement into your life – no matter what intersection you may find yourself in.  The past is behind and it is in the present where you will find healing and power.  Let Bits of Faith inspire you to stay the course and push through to victory.

I hope you return regularly for your Bits of Faith.  I look forward to inspiring your journey.

In Love,

Nichole Bailey

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move..

Matthew 17:20

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